The Rooms of Bazin Its a story sharing and meeting

Les Chambres de Bazin is above all a family story. This charming Auge property has belonged to the family for five generations. For many years Bernard and Anne-Marie, the owners of this charming residence, have been keen to create a place of welcome and sharing. Once, their adult children, it is in family that the project is built step by step. After two years of construction, work, renovation, reflection and decoration, it is with great joy that the adventure began, twenty years ago.

It is above all a family adventure

Hidden in the Normandy countryside, Les Chambres de Bazin was originally a small farm that belonged to our maternal great-great-grandparents. This property dates from around 1760. In the 1970s, when we were looking for a house to settle in, Bernard’s father offered him this small farm, abandoned for many years, the building used to be a stable. We have therefore brought it back to life over the years.

The Bazin Rooms are the result of a family reflection with the desire for work, tradition and renovation techniques specific to the architecture of the Pays d’Auge. The love of the terroir and the transmission of several generations brought together the whole family in 2004, to begin this fabulous adventure.

Les Chambres de Bazin were born from the desire to share and exchange, in order to highlight our region, our heritage and our terroir.

Our main satisfaction, being to be able to welcome an audience in search of sharing, authenticity and simplicity. they are two nature lovers, natives of the canton of Beuvron en Auge, who care about welcoming people and loving their land.

“It is above all the desire to be welcoming so that customers appreciate this place in its authenticity”


The desire to want to receive

For twenty years now, we have had the pleasure of receiving our customers in this place that we have restored, using the methods of yesteryear, while keeping the comfort and modernity of today.